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Welcome to Queenbels

Our Story
How did the name Queenbels come about? Queenbel was a nick I had and the letter ‘S’ came from the first letter of my name Shirley.

When I had to spend considerable time shuttling between malls finding a specific type of apparel, I dream of centralizing all brands of apparels in one location all sorted by apparel type. This is highly impossible in real life. I was then very inspired to create such a shopping platform where we can shop at our own convenience and without having to worry about the opening and closing hours. The solution is to bring this shopping platform online; an online fashion boutique.

The online boutique was officially opened on 30 August 2009 on a free blogging platform with a very mini selection that I had sourced from a local supplier. Shortly after, I bought a domain and have a paid web host to better manage my online boutique.

I saw the need to grow the variety of designs so the decision to bring exclusive designs from overseas garment makers came rather quickly for a young business like mine. I start to travel to other countries to look for apparels in unique designs, cuttings and fabric prints that are not readily or not available at all locally.

In October 2012, the private showroom was officially launched. This is the next new level of shopping experience that I want to provide. Private shopping is now no longer a luxury that the bigger brands can provide.

In the same year, I launched my first handsew with love kisslock products which attracted the first order almost immediately.

To date I have done numerous apparel selections, taking care of everything from merchandising to photography to the final presentation of all the lovely apparel on racks to the prompt and hassle free delivery of packages to the customers. I look forward to the day to have my own label of collections.

1st published on 27 April 2011
Edited on 18 July 2015